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APPROVED - App: kítkat - by Dawnkeep

The application submitted by kítkat is as follows:

Charater Name :

How old are you:

Are you in School/Work/Unemployed? sorry to ask but we would like to know if you are going to reduce playtime around certain times of the year. Also, so we can respect your Work Schedule.:
Working crazy hour

How long have you been playing ?:
Since the beginning of wow time

Have you Read the Guild Rules:

Raid Experience ?:
yes I do have experience in raid

Item Level:

Link to your Armory:

Main Spec/Off Spec:
Boom Boom pow/Bear

What is Your Class's Primary Stat:

Have you lead a Raid before ?:

Being social is key to being a good guildie...:
yes and being respectful

What is your Main Focus In game? Example Raids PVP Hangout:
Everything but more raids

Your most important job in raid is :
Dps and support

What would you do for a Klondike Bar?:
The Running man

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